SIPFSvenska Industriens Patentingenjörers Förening (Swedish: Swedish Patent Engineers Industries Association; now Svenska Industrins IP Förening)
SIPFSecurities Investors Protection Fund
SIPFSuspension Intégrale de Plante Fraîche (French: Full Suspension of Fresh Plant)
SIPFSystème d'Information pour la Planification Forestière
SIPFSocorro Isopod Propagation Facility (New Mexico)
SIPFSvenska Industrins IP (Intellectual Property) Förening (Swedish: Swedish Intellectual Property Industry Association)
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The SIPF recognition is only the most recent in a string of impressive awards that the company has received this year.
SIPF is a non-stock, non-profit corporation and its responsibility is to create, maintain and administer a fund for the interest and promotion of the securities industry.
In presenting the award at the recent SIPA conference in Washington, SIPF president Patti Wysocki noted that the selection is based on a person's time, effort and money contributed to the foundation.
She has served as president of both SIPA and SIPF and has held every officer position in both organizations.
SIPF, 8201 Greensboro Drive, #300, McLean, VA 22102, 703-610-0260, www.
SIPF president Dan Schwartz presented the awards, calling the partners "pioneers in our field who have displayed a lifetime commitment to giving and service to SIPF"--as well as for "the exceptional quality of content in their publications.
SIPF Editorial Awards, "recognizing excellence in specialized-content publishing .