SIPFSocorro Isopod Propagation Facility (New Mexico)
SIPFSvenska Industriens Patentingenjörers Förening (Swedish: Swedish Patent Engineers Industries Association; now Svenska Industrins IP Förening)
SIPFSecurities Investors Protection Fund
SIPFSuspension Intégrale de Plante Fraîche (French: Full Suspension of Fresh Plant)
SIPFSvenska Industrins IP (Intellectual Property) Förening (Swedish: Swedish Intellectual Property Industry Association)
SIPFSystème d'Information pour la Planification Forestière
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Tender notice number : SIPF Tender 2/2017-18 Dated 21-07-2017
At the time Solomon Islands was granted independence, the SIPF was widely regarded as an efficient and highly effective police force and a model for the newly emerging states of the South Pacific.
The modern SIPF is a national police force and has responsibilities for national defence, border security and fire prevention services.
The PPF and SIPF also made numerous arrests, including many of SIPF officers on serious charges.
The survey indicated that 25 per cent of those who reported a crime were satisfied with SIPF actions; 59 per cent said they were treated respectfully; and 90 per cent of all respondents believed that law and order had improved or remained the same in the past year.
There has been an improvement, too, in the professionalism of the SIPF, with the number of actual charges of police crimes or disciplinary violations decreasing from 514 in 2003 to 340 in 2005.
During Phases 1 and 2 of the PPF mission, a strategic review of the SIPF was conducted.
Due to a range of varying factors across the SIPF and PPF, such as differing skills, and size and scope of capacity development projects, three 'over-arching' principles were identified to guide the application of the additional phases.
SIPF is a non-stock, non-profit corporation and its responsibility is to create, maintain and administer a fund for the interest and promotion of the securities industry.
She has served as president of both SIPA and SIPF and has held every officer position in both organizations.
For more information and entry forms, contact SIPF.