SIPHASatellite Image Processing for Haze and Aerosol Mapping (environmental research)
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Ademas, se observaron incrementos de los afidos Sipha flava y Aphis sacchari, el barrenador Metamasius hemipterus y roedores (Rattus norvegicus), con 37 por ciento de entrenudos comidos.
Setas largas y gruesas en dorso de Sipha flava torax y abdomen (Figura 23a); ultimo segmento rostral (pico) aproximadamente 0.5 de la longitud del II segmento del tarso posterior; placa anal redondeada (Figura 8a.) 1'.
Ir has therefore been possible to determine the species that could be used to counter the effect of the yellow aphid Sipha flava (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on the overall production of sugar cane.
Feeding by the aphid Sipha flava produces a reddish spot on leaves of Sorghum halapense: an induced defense?
The aphids Sipha flava (Forbes), Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch), Hysteroneurasetariae (Thomas), and Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) are often found on forage grasses; however, studies that explore the relationships between the species of aphid and the host plants have yet to be developed in detail.
Alongside these factors, short-term perennial crops and annual crops such as banana (Musa spp.), pineapple (Ananas comosus), yellow sugarcane (Sipha flava), and papaya (Carica papaya) favorably planted only during the first three years of oil palm cultivation using triangular planting system.
(2002) reported this species from mummies of aphid, Sipha maides Passerine from Quetta.
The Minister said the security forces had killed most of the leaders of terrorist outfits including TTP, Sipha Sahaba and some other organisations and added that the recent terrorist attacks were desperate attempts of the members of these organisations.
Sipha flava (Forbes, 1884) Cymbopogum citratus: Da Silva et al.
The Guardmaster Sipha family of safety switches will be displayed by EJA, tel:0194 225 5166, fax:0194 252 3259 at Conveyorex 2000.