SIPISouthwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (Albuquerque, NM)
SIPISignal and Image Processing Institute (est. 1971; University of Southern California)
SIPIScientists' Institute for Public Information
SIPISears Island Planning Initiative (Maine)
SIPIScottish Industrial Pollution Inspectorate
SIPISurvivor Income Protection Insurance
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In addition to teaching, he has put together a program where high school students, SIPI community college students, and graduate students from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech cooperate to produce projects like electric bicycle charging stations or designing wind turbines.
Para ello se tomo como modelo la SIPI (Orobio de Castro, 2000), ya que este es uno de los pocos que se han empleado con adolescentes con buenas propiedades psicometricas y, como se ha mencionado, incorpora aspectos de procesamiento emocional en el modelo.
88), it is anticipated that future research will demonstrate similar values for the SIPI 5.
Val Montoya, who works with grants and special programs at SIPI, notes that the school already had an agriculture program with a greenhouse before being designated as a land-grant institution.
SIPI is also compatible with Chip-On-Glass (COG) technology, which panel makers are increasingly adopting to meet the demands of the thin-and-light mobile system market.
They are required to report their activities to the Catch Fishery Directorate General every six months after the issuance of SIPI Fishing vessels procured through joint venture or through buying by installments could use foreign crews under the following conditions:
And because many of her instructors also are adjunct professors at the University of New Mexico, James-Pino said the quality of her education at SIPI is comparable to that at UNM, minus the tuition and fees.
He said he insists students in the nine-class course that makes up the culinary arts degree program at SIPI follow a recipe as written.
Beninsig is a co-founder and managing member of SIPI, LLC (formerly known as Scientific & Intellectual Property Investigations), which provides executive coordinator and consulting services related to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, litigation, due diligence for business and legal matters, decision-to-market reviews, technology transfer & settlement negotiations, control of legal and consultant costs, information analysis-acquisitions, trademarks, and patent invalidity-validity matters.
ICU's support of the Seva Foundation will provide aid to two programs, including the SIPI Program and Seva's Eye Care Initiative, furthering the Seva Foundation's mission to eliminate preventable blindness and visual impairment.
Tribal leaders asked SIPI to develop a 70-hour associate's degree program in early childhood education that can be delivered by satellite to remote tribal sites in New Mexico.