SIPISemantic Interface for Photographic Images
SIPISimple Ip Interface
SIPIS8400 Ip Interface
SIPISouthwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (Albuquerque, NM)
SIPISignal and Image Processing Institute (est. 1971; University of Southern California)
SIPIStructure Insensitive Pigment Index (vegetation)
SIPIScientists' Institute for Public Information
SIPIScottish Industrial Pollution Inspectorate
SIPISears Island Planning Initiative (Maine)
SIPISurvivor Income Protection Insurance
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As president of SIPI, she has been lauded for her work on accreditation and has strengthened relationships with faculty, staff, students and board of regents.
The MTVI2 MCARI MCARI/MTVI2 TCARI TCARI/OSAVI SIPI and PPR were significantly negatively correlated with GPC and the correlation coefficient (r) of values were -0.
She argues that SIPI is stuck between organizational models because it is not a true tribal college.
In addition to teaching, he has put together a program where high school students, SIPI community college students, and graduate students from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Tech cooperate to produce projects like electric bicycle charging stations or designing wind turbines.
Para ello se tomo como modelo la SIPI (Orobio de Castro, 2000), ya que este es uno de los pocos que se han empleado con adolescentes con buenas propiedades psicometricas y, como se ha mencionado, incorpora aspectos de procesamiento emocional en el modelo.
88), it is anticipated that future research will demonstrate similar values for the SIPI 5.
Val Montoya, who works with grants and special programs at SIPI, notes that the school already had an agriculture program with a greenhouse before being designated as a land-grant institution.
In preliminary experiments, the indexes NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index), WI (water index), SR (simple ratio), and SIPI (structural independent pigment index) all showed significant correlation with yield, biomass, and leaf area index.
Research within SIPI covers a wide spectrum--from basic research in modeling, algorithms, VLSI structures, and optical computing to the development of techniques for solving practical problems in such areas as radar, sonar, petroleum exploration, medical imaging and HDTV.
SIPI sends clips to the scientists who are quoted and surveys reactions.