SIPICSocietà Italiana per la Prevenzione dell'Ictus Cerebrale
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The PUC's decision accepted the concept of gradualism, which limited the cost burden on our residential customers," Sipics said.
The PUC's decision to allow PPL Electric Utilities to recover extraordinary storm costs is consistent with long-standing practices in ratemaking, Sipics said.
The prices PPL Electric Utilities customers pay for generation supply have increased less than 9 percent since 1986," Sipics said.
The rate limits on generation have provided a significant benefit to customers by keeping electricity rates well below market prices for the past several years," Sipics said.
This would avoid the risk of utilities boxing themselves into a corner where they have to procure all of their POLR supply needs for a particular period all at once, perhaps at a time when prices are high," Sipics said.
By beginning to acquire POLR supply well in advance of when it is needed, utilities and consumers will be able to get an earlier sense of how rates may change in coming years, Sipics said.
Sipics said PPL uses independent studies such as the ACSI and the results of its own quarterly research to monitor customer perceptions and expectations and identify ways to improve the company's service to customers.
We will have enough employees to handle our own workload and respond to our customers' needs," Sipics added.
Sipics said the ACSI is an important external validation of the work PPL employees are doing to satisfy customers and improve service.
The bottom line for VPP, and for all of our safety programs, is to prevent injuries and accidents," Sipics said.
Sipics said the company is particularly pleased that the commission approved a 23 percent increase in funding for the company's low-income programs.
We are continuing to review the recommendation and will file exceptions as appropriate," Sipics said.