SIPMSilicon Photomultiplier (photon device)
SIPMServicio de Informacion y Policia Militar (Spanish: Information Service and Military Police)
SIPMSingapore Institute of Personnel Management (est. 1965)
SIPMStandard Initial Provisioning Model
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Check-out our latest range of microfabricated SiPM arrays with TSV (through-silicon via) and HWB (hole wire bond) technologies.
Si sistema generuoja SIPM signalus galios tranzistoriu valdikliams, stebi inverterio fazines sroves, virsitampius nuolatines sroves grandineje.
Electroluminescent light provides tracking as well, since it is detected also a few millimeters away from production at the anode plane, via an array of 1 [mm.sup.2] SiPMs, 1 cm spaced (the tracking plane).
sipm Rachel struck first, saying: "The sky is the limit...
Se pretendia ampliar asi la estrategia de desestabilizacion del frente interior enemigo, y parece que se logro al menos mantener un buen nivel de resultados durante el verano de 1938 a juzgar por tres hechos: la relacion de felicitaciones recibidas, las informaciones de prensa extranjera que habian referido el trabajo de las guerrillas entre mayo y septiembre, y la intervencion del Servicio de Informacion y Policia Militar (SIPM) del enemigo que ofrecia recompensas a la poblacion civil para delatarlos y acabar asi con sus acciones (81).
He has been on cross posting twice to Shell UK, EXPRO and SIPM in the Hague.
Prior to that he accumulated over 25 years of oilfield experience in exploration and production activities during worldwide assignmens, namely with Shell (SIPM) and Pool/Ensearch.
Contract award notice: Open procedure for the supply of silicon photomultiplier sensors (sipm) for the astri cherenkov chambers (italy-merate: Sensors)
Through the project, the research team designed an easy to use and compact (5 x 4 x 10cm) single photon counting module based on a 1[mm.sup.2] active area silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detector (commercially available from Excelitas Technologies).
George, "Comparison of three resistor network division circuits for the readout of 4x4 pixel SiPM arrays," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol.
As a PMT cannot operate within a strong magnetic field, solid-state avalanche photodiodes (APD) and silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) were developed to operate within such fields [2-4].