SIPMSilicon Photomultiplier (photon device)
SIPMServicio de Informacion y Policia Militar (Spanish: Information Service and Military Police)
SIPMSingapore Institute of Personnel Management (est. 1965)
SIPMStandard Initial Provisioning Model
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It contains a 3x3 mm2 active area SiPM with 50x50 om2 microcells for optimum dynamic range and photon detection efficiency (PDE).
Excelitas' LynX(TM) SiPM Module is available as a standard product and Excelitas also offers customized Low Light Level Detection Modules tailored to OEM application requirements.
The LynX(TM) SiPM Module will also be on display at ILOPE 2012, Booth #3108, on October 16-18 in Beijing, China, along with other Excelitas photon detection and IR sensing products.
In 2009, the company entered into an exclusive agreement with Max Planck Innovation, the technology transfer organization of the Max Planck Society, for the licensing of its ultra-fast, low cross-talk SiPM technology.
Excelitas is very pleased to be able to present these breakthrough technology results on its solid state SiPM technology.
This innovative SiPM technology from the Max Planck Society shows promise for several important human and environmental health applications," said Michael Ersoni, vice president and general manager of PerkinElmer's global detection business.
As a world leader in photon detection, PerkinElmer is an ideal industrial partner for licensing our SiPM technology.
In a typical PET imaging application using SiPM detector arrays, two small FPC cables connect the SPMArrays to the SIB2316 which in turn is connected to a Vertilon PhotoniQ IQSP580.
The unique, performance-leading SiPM PET technology and products developed by Oncovision in close collaboration with the molecular imaging institute I3M and the University of Valencia, offer outstanding spatial resolution across the full field of view (FOV), increasing the high-resolution FOV by an order of magnitude compared to traditional PET systems, thereby facilitating quantitative imaging investigations.
8MW gross generation from Bio-mass Co-Generation Plant o M/s SIPM at Chikkayanachatra, Nanjangud, Mysuru District on self Execution basis.
In the frame of this Marie Curie IIF project, a comprehensive analytical probabilistic model of the SiPM response shall be developed that will take the specific excess noises of crosstalk and afterpulsing, nonlinearities and saturation effects into account.
However SiPMs are not yet mature enough to replace PMTs for several reasons: sensitivity to unwanted longer wavelengths while lacking sensitivity at short wavelengths, small physical area, high cost and electronic noise.