SIPNSecure Ip Network
SIPNSecure Internet Protocol Network
SIPNStress-Induced Pressure Natriuresis (hypertension)
SIPNSocial Information Processing Network
SIPNSyndicat Intercorporatif Paris Nord (French: North Paris Intercorporate Activists; France)
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The pNIPAM FT-IR spectra present the stretching vibration band of N-H around of 3300 [cm.sup.-1] at at 1642 [cm.sup.-1], and 1526 [cm.sup.-1], with slight shift to lower wavelength for the spectra of pNIPAM/PAS sIPN. The bands between 2835 [cm.sup.-1] and 3000 [cm.sup.-1] are associated with the C-H stretching vibrations of the methyl groups of N-isopropyl groups.
In the FT-IR spectra of the sIPN structure, the absorption band registered at 1739 [cm.sup.-1] is assigned to the carboxyl group from the PAS copartner agent, confirming the incorporation of the PAS into the pNIPAM network as well the successful crosslinking reaction of the thermo-sensitive polymer.
To confirm the data resulted from FTIR spectra concerning sIPN formation, the tested samples were evaluated through the NIR-CI method as a non-destructive way of characterization.
Litz, "Verification of logic control design using SIPN and model checking-methods and case study," in Proceedings of the Americal Control Conference, pp.
Besides SIPN, simply mixing of SF with one or more polymers is also considered as an effective mean that was sought for versatile SF-based gels.
We have recently investigated the introduction of small quantities (5% to 15% by weight) of several crosslinked thermoset networks (epoxy, vinyl ester, and several isocyanate systems) into thermoplastic PVC to develop PVC/thermoset SIPN blends (5-9).
As crosslinking occurs to generate the SIPN, the entropy of mixing decreases.
This network is now fixed within amorphous regions of the PVC matrix (interdomain mixing in what has become a mixed thermoset/PVC SIPN domain).
Five to seven SIPN specimens were tested and the average value was used.
Three 1.8 to 2.2 g samples of each SIPN blend were continuously extracted with THF at 45[degrees]C for 48 h.
These combined effects are called the "dilution effect." The longer gel time and delay of phase separation may permit more complete SIPN formation per thermoset increment.