SIPPIScience and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest
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The silk jacket was first hand-pleated and then overlaid with a dabbi jaal using antique sippi and finished with a handcrafted marodi embroidery border.
Navamedic ASA (OSE: NAVA) has entered into a contract with Vastra Gotalands Regionen (VGR) for its proprietary digital urinmeter Sippi, the Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company revealed on Tuesday.
Sippi Round O Winter on the first of April--possibly an April fool's day joke).
Headquartered in Berlin, Wisconsin, 1st National Bank currently has banking offices in Berlin, Green Lake, Green Bay, Montello, Poy Sippi, Omro, Westfield, Waunakee, and Winneconne, and has USD305m in total assets.
The main plot treatments of the experiments consisted of four levels of nitrogen fertilizer (130, 100, 70 and 40kg N/ha) and also four different treatments of herbicides (2, 4-D+Propanil at 1.44 + 0.88 kg a.i/ha, Pendimenthalein at 2.0 kga.i/ha, 2, 4-D at 2.8 kg a.i/ha and Butachlor at 2.4 kga.i/ha) while, the sub-plot treatments consisted only of the three rice varieties (WITA 4, NERICA and SIPPI), which were all laid out in a split-plot Design (SPD) and compared against the control which received no-herbicide and 0kg nitrogen fertilizer.
Linking landscape and water quality in the Missis sippi River basin for 200 years.
Mrs Sippi. What do you get if you cross Father Christmas and Sherlock Holmes?
Bonnie has always been a wonderful interpreter of other writers, and so it wasn't surprising to hear her deliver songs by Paul Brady, Sippi Wallace and Richard Thompson.
Their first representative in Peshawar was Sippi Azarbaijani Moghadam, an Iranian-British woman with many years of experience in Afghanistan.
"The vast majority of this money went to Afghan construction firms," says Sippi Azarbaijani-Moghaddam, a former adviser on women's affairs with the European Commission in Kabul.
I was back in Missis sippi when I passed an 18-wheeler on the left side going about 65 miles per hour.