SIPRESnow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment
SIPREStrengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Egypt
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SIPRE and CRREL had recovered and studied polar ice cores and published reports on them since 1957.
Three or four bottom 3 cm sections of ice containing ice algae were obtained by SIPRE corers, distributed into five polycarbonate incubation bottles (460 ml), and topped up with 400 ml of filtered seawater.
As SIPRE director, Link worked with chief scientist Henri Bader to write a major plan for support of basic research on all aspects of snow, ice, and frozen ground, as well as a comprehensive plan for field studies that extended across the North American Arctic from Greenland to Alaska.
He had conducted pioneering snow research on traverses across Greenland, under the auspices of SIPRE (Snow Ice Permafrost Research Establishment), now CRREL (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory), of the U.