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SIPSSide Impact Protection System
SIPSSide Impact Protection System (Volvo)
SIPSSignal Processing Systems Design and Implementation (IEEE Workshop)
SIPSScience Investigator-led Processing System (NASA)
SIPSSimple Internet Publishing System
SIPSStructured Interview for Prodromal Symptoms
SIPSSecure Internet Payment Service (Cybercash)
SiPSSiilinjärven Palloseura (Finnish soccer team)
SIPSSession Initiation Protocol Secure (IETF)
SIPSShort Interval Production Schedule (construction scheduling)
SIPSSimulation Interface & Processing System
SIPSSpartan Improved Performance Study
SIPSScience Instrument Purge Subsystem
SIPSState Implementation Plan(s)
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After this preliminary, Miss Abbey read the document; and, as often as she raised her eyebrows in so doing, the watchful Miss Jenny accompanied the action with an expressive and emphatic sip of the shrub and water.
Sanders volunteered to humour him, so she took a slight sip out of her glass.
This done, she begged them in a kind of deep despair to drink; then laughed, then cried, then took a little sip herself, then laughed and cried again, and took a little more; and so, by degrees, the worthy lady went on, increasing in smiles and decreasing in tears, until at last she could not laugh enough at Miss Monflathers, who, from being an object of dire vexation, became one of sheer ridicule and absurdity.
today announced that it has achieved an important milestone in SiP (System in Package) business by shipping its 100 millionth SiP units as a pioneer of SiP provider.
SiPs are being used extensively in applications such as cell phones, Bluetooth modules, 802.
a designer and manufacturer of system-in-package (SiP) products for the electronics industry, today announced the selection of Cadence IC packaging tools for Alpine Microsystems' SiP design flow.
Optimal Corporation, a leader in IC package and PCB signal, power and thermal integrity analysis, announced enhanced capabilities to its Optimal SiP Analysis Suite, software for System-in-Package (SiP) design, with the addition of chip-package-PCB co-design support.
Ubiquity Software (LSE:UBQ), creators of the most widely adopted standards-based, carrier-grade SIP Application Server (SIP A/S), today announced the launch of the Ubiquity Developer Network (UDN), the industry's first community of developers, Ubiquity partners and customers with a common interest in exploiting the commercial opportunities for new services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard.
323 and SIP capabilities in our Voice Services Infrastructure architecture.
Mockingbird's high availability SIP server, MSS, easily sustained over 2,000 simultaneous calls, at call rates of 200 calls per second, generated by RADCOM's VoIP Performer(TM) system element, SIPSim(TM).
Because SIP enables the provisioning of revenue-generating enhanced services, it is fast emerging as the protocol of choice for multiple service IP network providers.