SIPSCSunrise Intracoastal Plastic Surgery Center (Florida)
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The kinetics of sIPSCs were measured and there were no significant differences among the three groups (data not shown).{Figure 2}
To determine whether non-NMDA receptors regulate sIPSCs or mIPSCs presynaptically or postsynaptically, we examined the effects of DNQX on mIPSCs.
Pretreatment with bumetanide before propofol exposure had no effect on sIPSCs frequency and amplitude compared with the control or propofol groups ( P > 0.05, unpaired Student's t- test).
We found that neonatal propofol, but not etomidate, exposure significantly increases the frequency of mIPSCs but not sIPSCs frequency and does not affect the amplitude of mIPSCs or sIPSCs.
Our results show that neonatal propofol exposure has no effect on the frequency of sIPSCs but increases mIPSCs frequency.
Neonatal etomidate exposure did not affect the frequency or amplitude of sIPSCs and mIPSCs; however, it slowed the decay time of mIPSCs, which suggests that the long-term effect of etomidate on the GABA[sub]A receptor was via a postsynaptic pathway.