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SIPTSensory Integration Praxis Test
SIPTSociété Internationale de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection (French: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)
SIPTSupportability Integrated Product Team
SIPTServicio de Información y Posicionamiento Tecnológico (Spanish)
SIPTSecure Information and Payment Technology
SIPTSupportability Integrated Process Team (US Army)
SIPTScheduling Integrated Process Team
SIPTSoftware Integrated Process Team
SIPTStandard Installation Practices Training
SIPTSession Initiation Protocol Trunking
SIPTSivakasi Institute of Printing Technology (India)
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President of SIPT Edwin Cortez said "the addition of Paul to the executive management team will give us the edge we've needed to drive us forward into the next phase of our exciting evolution.
Since leadership style is comprised of task and relational communication behaviors, SIPT served as a theoretical underpinning for the current study in order to better explain the possible use and impact of relational oriented messages from leaders in the virtual work setting.
In essence, SIPT rejects the view that the lack of physical cues limits individuals from effectively exchanging relational oriented information through computer technology.