SIQSSelf-Initializing Quadratic Sieve (integer factorization)
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Results: A total of 670 SIQ's were issued to health care professionals at CMH Lahore in 2014.
We retrospectively attempted to discern whether correlates of SIQ patterns differ between male and female doctors, female physicians and female nurses, military and civilian doctors and senior doctors (HCAs and specialists) and junior doctors (postgraduate residents and house officers).
SA in a military setup is noted in standardized SIQ books kept at the offices of male and female staff surgeon and used for recording short spells of sickness.
###Total SIQ's###SIQ's to Doctors###SIQs to Nurses###p-value
The month of the year and day of the week when SIQ was administered were recorded.
Among the days when SIQ's were issued, Monday showed the highest predominance of sick reports with 166 (24.8%), followed by Wednesday 136 (20.3%), Thursday 127 (19%) and Friday 125 (18.7%) and Tuesday 96 (14.3%).
As per our study, in the year 2014, 670 SIQ's were issued.
One hundred and sixty four (24.47%) SIQ's were issued to males and 506 (75.57%) were issued to females, following similar trends.