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SIRASam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging (University of California, San Diego; La Jolla, CA)
SIRASouthern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (Oak Ridge, TN)
SIRASecurities Industry Regulatory Authority (name announced, then retracted, to represent the combination of NASD and NYSE Regulation)
SIRASendai International Relations Association (Japan)
SIRASíndrome de Insuficiencia Respiratoria Aguda (Spanish: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
SIRASentral Informasi Referendum Acheh (Indonesian: Central Information Referendum Acheh; Acheh, Indonesia)
SIRAStrategic Intelligence Research and Analysis
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Trump says he clearly has much to learn from what he called 'Duterte's impressive team,'' CACI SIRA said in a statement.
Sira D' Pion is freely opening her studio to train young girls to always achieve their dreams.
On an experimental basis, Sira has installed along Main Road of W Block 5, DHA, Lahore, SIRA-SOX-6 lights complete of fixture (Ndeg 5 lights), Sira electronic ballast and the low pressure sodium lamp of 66 watt, on the existing poles, replacing the old street lights.
Left penniless, Sira tries to trip abroad and the impending wedding uncover unsettling memories from her past.
It's a far cry from DVDs and car insurance and Sukh Sira (pictured right) hopes the new additions will establish Sira not just as a hub of its ethnically diverse local community but as a centre of wellbeing in west London.
Funded through FedNor, the SIRA program will provide up to 75 per cent to a maximum of $1,000 of the costs associated with installing the Ka-band satellite service.
When it first appeared it marked its author, then a young scholar, as one of the world's most important Ben Sira scholars.
Sofjan Yacob said there was strong evidence to suggest the involvement of SIRA activists in last Thursday's bomb blast at the dormitory of Acehnese students in South Jakarta.
The conference was held one hundred years after the discovery of the Hebrew text of Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus) among the manuscripts from the Cairo geniza.
Wischmeyer intends to provide her readers with an overall picture of Judaean culture, as opposed to examining the book of Ben Sira merely as an example of early Jewish theology.
Sira feels only 1800 really count because some pixels overlap while others might be used for edge detection.
SIRA employs 15 radiologists, offering reading and reporting services to physician practices and community hospitals.