SIRANSustainable Investment Research Analyst Network (Washington, DC)
SIRANSurvivable Radio Network
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In another incident, 18-year-old Raja Ali drowned to River Siran when he was bathing with friends to beat the heat.
He said there is no proposal under consideration of WAPDA to construct check dams on various locations of river Siran to control silting in Tarbela Dam and avail full benefits of the present storage capacity and production of electricity of the dam.
It is very frustrating," added Mr Siran. class="MsoNormalA senior traffic officer tasked with easing the traffic jam accused some impatient motorists of exacerbating the situation.
has added Siran Wixom as a Commercial Specialty underwriter in its office in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Chateau Siran (see-RAH) has been owned by the Miaihle (myee-igh) family for over a century and a half, making them one of the oldest wine-growers in the region.
It added that the authorities began to conduct analyzes to identify the identities of the elements to discover that one of the leader, "Yusuf Shik" and his kinetic name is "Yashar." The sources pointed out that among the elements neutralized in Agri, the organization's official for the women's arm in Agri, "Siran Jumaq" and her kinetic name "Perwar".
is proud to welcome Siran Wixom to the Oak Ridge office as a Commercial Specialty Underwriter.
Summary: The present study is a comprehensive evaluation of ground and surface water quality of The Siran River and its catchment area, District Mansehra, Pakistan.
Erin's Search--Sensitive Story of Heritage, Culture, and Uncertainties of the Past Erin Ozcomert is convinced there is something sinister about her father's apparent suicide during a mysterious visit to his to Siran in northeastern Turkey, ancestral home of the Ozcomert family.
The tracks are "Siran Fen", "Musow Fanga", "Abe Sumaya", "Aye Sira Bla", "Borongoli ma Kununban", "Waati", "Fama Magni", "Te Duniya Laban", and "Bassekouni".
NNA - Lebanese Army Chief, General Jean Qahwaji, on Tuesday met at his office in Yarze with Armenian Minister of Defense, Siran Ohanian, on top of a delegation, in presence of Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ashot Kotcharian.
KP is blessed with immense hydropower potential due to its geography and natural bounty of a number of main upstream rivers including Indus, Siran, Kunhar, Chitral, Pankora and Swat.