SIRBSite Investigation and Restoration Branch (Delaware)
SIRBSoftware Industry Research Board
SIRBSeafarer's Identification and Record Book (International Registries, Inc.)
SIRBSelf Inflating Resuscitation Bag
SIRBScience Interface Relay Box
SIRBSocial Science, Behavioral and Education Institutional Review Board (Michigan State University)
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Both Laerdal SIRBs have an additional valve at the expiration port whilst the Ambu SIRB has a disc valve, design features that prevented entrainment of air during inspiration.
Manufacturers should be encouraged to provide users with data on the performance of their SIRB during spontaneous respiration.
2]O/1/s) for each SIRB SIRB Inspiratory Resistance Expiratory Resistance (cm [H.
John Lovelock, Chief Executive of The Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software (FAST IS) founders of SIRB added: "SAM is more than just doing the bare minimum to avoid being fined as part of an audit process.
The SIRB offers education, training and impartial advice on SAM practices and SAM and software licence management (SLM) tools to help organisations manage the complexities of inter-organisational software licensing.
The SIRB commissioned research firm IDC to conduct an in depth survey and analysis of over 600 end user businesses to discover the perceptions and behaviours around licensing issues.
For further guidance and to review the results of the IDC survey, you can download the SIRB white papers at wwww.
Andy Burton, Chairman of the SIRB, stated: "There is a disconnect between business management and IT departments over who owns SAM and licence compliance.