SIRBSite Investigation and Restoration Branch (Delaware)
SIRBSoftware Industry Research Board
SIRBSeafarer's Identification and Record Book (International Registries, Inc.)
SIRBSelf Inflating Resuscitation Bag
SIRBScience Interface Relay Box
SIRBSocial Science, Behavioral and Education Institutional Review Board (Michigan State University)
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The parameters c and to (not to be confused with the to in the SIRB model) used in the algorithm must be selected beforehand.
"DEWA uses drone technology in its Sirb initiative, to improve its operational efficiency, and provide seamless and easy-to-use services according to the highest international standards, to make everyone happier," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA.
For this study, we formulated (SIRB) model (Susceptible-Infected-Recovered-Contaminatedwater) for the dynamics transmission of Cholera.
If he thereafter does not strive to earn more than what is necessary, he is at liberty (f sa'atin) in respect thereof, because of the statement of the Prophet, may Allah bless and give him peace, "Whoever enters upon morning in peace over his flock (sirb) and healthy (mu'afan) in his body, having food for his day, it is as though the entire world has fallen into his possession." (34)
It is the latest whitepaper from the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB), an association created by vendors including Microsoft, Symantec and FrontRange Solutions aimed at improving software management.
Similar to the University of Minnesota's student review panel (Bentsen, 2004), Wisconsin Lutheran College utilizes a duly constituted, primarily student-run Student Institutional Review Board (Sirb).
The overwhelming majority of businesses in the UK are failing to realise the benefits and cost savings associated with Software Asset Management (SAM), according to research undertaken by IDC and commissioned by the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB).
Manufacturers should be encouraged to provide users with data on the performance of their SIRB during spontaneous respiration.
La Asociacion Nacional de Boxeo, a traves de su presidente Greg Sirb, tambien mostro su inconformidad con la realizacion de la pelea y ha dicho que no permitira el combate, si Chavez no reune las condiciones requeridas para un choque de titulo mundial.
Seafarers need to present their Seafarer's Identification and Record Book (SIRB) or Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID to the ticket booths or security guards at the stations to avail of the free ride.
Starting November 5 this year, Filipino seafarers are directed to set an online appointment for the processing of their Seafarer's Identification and Record Book (SIRB) or seaman's book.