SIRDSociety for Integrated Rural Development (est. 1982)
SIRDSupport Instrumentation Requirements Document
SIRDStructure Interaction Relational Database
SIRDSurvey of Industrial Research and Development
SIRDSouthern Institute for Rural Development
SIRDSummer Institute on Research Design
SIRDSupersites Integrated Relational Database
SIRDStowers Institute for Resource Development
SIRDState Internal Revenue Department
SIRDSystem Interface Requirements Document
SIRDSatellite Integrated Receiver Descrambler
SIRDSpecific Interface Rules Definition
SIRDService Independent Requirements Definition
SIRDScanning Infrared Depolarization
SIRDSupport Instrumentation Requirement Document
SIRDShore-Based Interface Requirements Document
References in classic literature ?
"Dere has neffer been a gase," a German doctor was saying to an aide-de-camp, "dat one liffs after de sird stroke."
Relying on data from the Census Bureau's Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) micro-data sets, the authors merged the firm-level SIRD and BRDIS data sets and linked them to establishments in the LBD.
(18) Suriani Abdullah, Memoir Suriani Abdullah: Setengah abad dalam perjuangan [The memoirs of Suriani Abdullah: Half a century of struggle] (Petaling Jaya: SIRD, 2006), pp.
SIRD is an acronym for Sumitomo Inclined Rotary Dishing.
CRP and ASO assay methods that used no latex particles (SIRD, RR) also did not show high values for CRP and ASO.
For 2007, all industries values come from NSF's SIRD. For 2008 and 2009, values come from NSF's BRDIS.
This mammoth exercise was undertaken with the assistance of National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad and other State Institutes of Rural Development (SIRD)," said Deo.
Such forms as 186B5 desir "see!," 186B24 badri "tear!," 186A5 grta "read!." 187A19 godri "break!," 189B5 cagad "forehead," 190A3 bord "navel," 190A14 sird "heart," 190B11 mart "man," 190C24 orti "child," 192B3 zadig "Easter," 193A14 kedin "earth," 193B4 dun "house," 193B5 turn "door," 196B16 tegin "yellow," etc., corresponding to Western Armenian, are very numerous; while such forms as 190B1 mit "mind," 191B19 bind "strong," 191C25 gendani "alive," 194B5 tanc "pear," 197B4 tasn "ten," etc., corresponding to Eastern Armenian, are relatively few.
SIRD (Strategic Info Research Development) and Suaram (Suara Rakyat Malaysia), Petaling Jaya: Malaysia, 2001.
This information gap was addressed by an interagency project that linked information from BEA's annual surveys of multinational companies to sample data from the Survey of Industrial Research and Development (SIRD) conducted by the Census Bureau for the National Science Foundation (NSF), resulting in a new set of state-level data on R&D.
In Karnataka, a perspective plan for Gram Panchayat Bailakunthi was prepared with quite longer duration of few months where it was an initiative of SIRD (State Institute of Rural Development) only.
Remember P.D.Miamingi is the acting managing director of Sudan's Institute for Human Rights, Good Governance and Development (SIRD).