SIRFCSuite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures
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SIRFC interfaces with four AAR-54 missile warning receivers and five AN/ALE-47 countermeasures dispensers (three more dispensers than the Marine MV-22) with 150 mixed flares, chaff cartridges, and RF decoys.
The second part of SIRFC and DIRCM testing will start in October 2004 and run through April 2006, said Carroll.
SIRFC testing will be done on Edwards Range Complex and China Lake's Electronic Combat Range, in California, and the Nellis Test and Training Range, in Nevada.
One calls for the delivery of SIRFC systems for US Army Special Operations aircraft, while the other locks the company -- and the SIRFC -- into Norway's branch of the Nordic Standard Helicopter Program.
Eustis, VA), valued at $45 million, positions ITT as prime for the installation and integration of Advanced Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AASE), including initial SIRFC production systems, onboard Army Special Ops aircraft.
Regardless of which suite will be chosen, though -- the ASPIS or the fast-jet SIRFC -- the FACh F-16s were going to be equipped with the most advanced EW self-protection system in Latin America.
Add ITTs entry into the market for tactical-fighter EW to its already prominent position in the provision of self-protection systems for helicopters (specifically, the SIRFC US Army AH-64D Apaches and a yet another variant thereof for the service's RAH-66 Comanches), as well as for the V-22 Osprey.