SIRGSummit Implementation Review Group
SIRGSouthern Illinois Roller Girls (Marion, IL)
SIRGSpecial Interest Research Group
SIRGStarting Investigator Research Grant (Science Foundation Ireland)
SIRGStarting Independent Researcher Grant (European Research Council; EU)
SIRGStrategic Investment Research Group (Prudential Financial)
SIRGSouthern Interior Repeater Group
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This is precisely one of the proposals presented by Colombia in the SIRG, and that has been reflected in the final document of the Summit: an educational component to strengthen the role of education to prevent corruption, promote the culture of legality and respect for the dignity of people and the rule of law.
ARABSAT is actively involved in the global Interference Mitigation initiatives through its leading role in SIRG and GVF and always strives to use state-of the-art technology to ensure the highest quality services to its customers with current and future satellites."
SIRG, http://www.summit
The expression levels of 3 SIRG mRNAs and 7 OSCC salivary transcripts detected by the streamlined and standard procedures were analyzed by raw quantification cycle (Cq) values.
At its first meeting in Dubai recently, Sirg also discussed ways to support the growth of the telecommunications industry as a whole.
Los jefes de Estado y de gobierno de los 34 paises miembros activos del Sistema Interamericano (Cuba es la excepcion) se limitaran a endosar y afinar algunos de los detalles del Plan de Accion negociado por el SIRG, documento que incluso Davidow preve que podria divulgarse antes del encuentro.
Likewise, the Draft Declaration encourages countries to increase the participation of civil society and business groups in the Summit process and instructs the OAS and SIRG to report annually on the progress made toward achieving the goals of the Summits.
The SIRG meeting, which brought together the member states' national Summit coordinators, was followed by a seminar on "Democracy and the Fourth Summit of the Americas," coordinated by the OAS and Argentina's Foreign Affairs Ministry.
In 1999-2000, the NCTM Board of Directors established the Standards Impact Research Group (SIRG) in response to the continuing need for a clearer understanding of the role of standards in the improvement of mathematics education.
A partir de junio de 1997, la Semarnap y el Instituto Nacional de Ecologia (INE) comenzaron a conformar el Sistema Integrado de Regulacion Directa y Gestion Ambiental de la Industria (SIRG) como un esquema de regulacion mas eficiente con elementos de coordinacion, integracion de criterios, y simplificacion administrativa.
SIRG mapped between Satt472 and L002_2 with the highest LOD peak at Satt472.
At that time, the General Assembly reaffirmed the mandate of this committee, but with its reporting requirements reduced to once per annum.(18) The Special Committee also maintains communication with the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG), which has been organized by the U.S.