SIRGESexuality Issues, Relationships and Gender Education (University of Puget Sound; Tacoma, WA)
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Through this partnership, NSMP successfully integrated its FUKA, SIRGE, and SFGT investments, demonstrated a strong track record of securing new business via long-term contracts, implemented numerous operational initiatives, and helped to bring new fields online, including the Greater Laggan Area, Breagh, and Stella Harrier.
*sirkag [sic], [and] Manchu sirge bear a disquieting resemblance to serikon, the problem of the names serikon, Seres and ser must remain in abeyance until it has been studied afresh in great detail (Pelliot 1959: 266).
SIRGE is a 234km, 30" gas pipeline which connects the Shetland Gas Plant to the FUKA pipeline.
Saksa okupatsiooni ajal arreteeritute ja vangis olnute nimekiri on usna pikk ning esinduslik: Valmar Adams, Heino Ahven, Villem Alttoa, Aleksander Antson, Eduard Mrs, Rasmus Kangro-Pool sen, Alfred Kiviste, Jaan Kross, Oskar Kuningas, Juhan Kaosaar, Herta Laipaik, Viktor Mellov, Alma Ostra-Oinas, Voldemar Raidaru, Richard Roht, Eduard Roos, Jaan Rummo, Hendrik Saar, Henrik Sepamaa, Rudolf Sirge, Juhan Sutiste, Aksel Tamm, Romulus Tiitus, Terje Toeveer, Enn Uibo ja Rein Vellend.
Tavaliselt piisab kahest uheaegsest rannast diagrammi eri osades, mille vahele projitseeritav sirge markeerib selle konkreetse aja rannajoont.
noch die Beispiele: jale 'ekelhaft' / jalk 'widerlich', rase 'schwanger' / raske 'schwer', sire(v) 'gerade' / sirge 'aufrecht' tahe 'trocken' / tahke 'hart', tihe 'dicht' / tihke 'fest' va(a)l- 'hell' / valge .weisz.
Following treatment at the gas plant, the gas is exported to the mainland via the Shetland Island Regional Gas Export System (SIRGE) and the condensates are exported via the Sullom Voe Terminal, stated the company.
In the framework of the public display, written questions and proposals can be submitted to the HOL until October 15, 2010 at Sirge St 2, Tallinn 10618 or by e-mail
The deal also includes the Frigg UK (FUKA) offshore pipeline and Total's 67% interest in the Shetland Island Regional Gas Export System (SIRGES).
(18) This partnership is between Vindln and the Saami communities of Sirges and Unna Tjerusj, with regard to a proposed wind power development surrounding the Suorva reservoir.
While Horens understands that grilling seafood can be daunting for some, it's been a specialty of his since he was a child growing up in the coastal town of Sirges, Spain, where he would grill just-caught fish fresh off the boats.
Ha[beta] Verfolgung und Toleranz: Beitrage zum Schicksal der Juden von der Reformation bis in die Gegenwart, edited by Thomas Sirges and Kurt Erich Schondorf.