SIRLSea Ice Research Laboratory (Hokkaido University, Japan)
SIRLSoftware Innovation Research Lab (Aalborg University; Denmark)
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The ratings reflect SIRL's sound business plan, solid risk-adjusted capitalization, its existing relationships with other parties to the programs in which SIRL participates and the quality of those other participants.
While SIRL has established relationships with several key participants in its target markets, its ability to build and maintain market share will have to be proven over time.
Sirls has not yet tabulated her total spending on the one-week trip.
Sirls presented the results from a study of 150 women enrolled in a one-year multi-center trial.
Sirls characterized the FemSoft Insert as simple to use and "as soft as a woman's body tissues.
Sirls II of the William Beaumont Medical Center, Detroit, Mich.