SIRMSocietà Italiana di Radiologia Medica
SIRMSher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine
SIRMSocietà Italiana Radiologia Medica (Italian Society of Medical Radiology)
SIRMSterile Insect Release Method (insect control method)
SIRMSouthern Indiana Regional Militia
SIRMSpherically Invariant Random Matrix
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As a first priority, according to SiRM, it must be established nationally who is responsible for which phase of the registration waiting time (the report distinguishes with the treatment waiting time): the referrer (usually the general practitioner) or the receiving party (the mental healthcare provider).
[7.] Dayarante P (1988) Gillnet Selectivity for Amblygaster sirm (Sardinella Sirm).
Keeping this in mind, the Sindh Institute of Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) was established in September 2007 with the aim of providing this facility to the low and middle socio-economic class and to transfer the technology by providing training to the interested professionals.
The HP Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) platform bridges the gap between security and IT operations, helping organizations to move beyond a bolted-on, single-purpose product strategy.
Prior to that, he was founder and principal of SIRM Services, Ltd., and previously served as managing director, executive vice president and general counsel with Decision Strategies, LLC.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Malaysian Sirm Company signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in setting up a Yemeni industry development strategy.
Scatter plots of initial magnetic susceptibility (MS) versus saturation isothermal remanent magnetization (SIRM) and natural remanent magnetization (NRM) reveal two data trends that categorize the three sets of samples into two main groups, namely heterogeneous and standarized/unknown.
The Rome-based Sirm, partly owned by Oilinvest, is responsible for maintenance of the service stations.
4 x 100 RELAY - 1, Silverton (Cameron Sirm, Newsom, Tim Paradis, Brad Gengler), 44.8.
(28) Bunbury, Report to Major General SirM O Connell, 23 July 1839, p.
A total of eight SSR markers previously found to be polymorphic between Cobb and PI 229358 were selected near SIRD1b, six near SIR-G, seven near SIR-H, and nine near SIRM. The primer sequences for each SSR were obtained from Soybase, a USDA-sponsored genome database (http://129.
Isothermal remanent magnetisation parameters (IRM20, IRM200) and saturated isothermal remanent magnetisation (SIRM) were measured in a Molspin flux-gate magnetometer after magnetisation in a Molspin pulse magnetiser (induced at 20 mT, 200 mT, and 850 mT).