SIRNScottish Infection Research Network (UK)
SIRNSocial Insurance Research Network (Social Science Research Network)
SIRNSecurity Incident Response Notification
SIRNSolar Irradiance Research Network (US NASA)
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Based on Figure 5, it was observed that the MALZ, MUUS, SIRN, and HAKK stations move in different directions compared to other stations due to local movements (Ozdemir 2016).
For reasons explained in detail earlier in the paper, the MALZ, MUUS, HAKK, and SIRN stations were excluded from the analysis.
The post-seismic and inter-seismic velocities are almost the same in other stations further from the epicenter of the earthquakes; such as the SIRN, MIDY, BTMN, and SIRT stations.