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SIRPSignal Regulatory Protein
SIRPSpherically Invariant Random Process
SIRPSugar Industry Reform Programme (Australia)
SIRPSupreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (Sacred Fraternity of the Cross)
SIRPSociety of Independent Roundabout Proprietors
SIRPSupplemental Income at Retirement Plan
SIRPStudent-Initiated Retention Programs (education)
SIRPSecurity Incident Response Plan
SIRPSeismic Integrated Response Planning (earthquakes; Canada)
SIRPSerious Incident Review Panel
SIRPSerious Incident Review Procedure
SIRPSerious Incident Review Process
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In the new study, the team studied SIRP alpha function in the brain -- and started to understand its role in synapse stabilization.
The MISTRA studies (MISTRA, 2012; SIRP, 2012), however, tend to support that conclusion--at least as far as adding value to asset deployment and thus stock prices.
En reponse a la recommandation du Comite que le DPB collabore avec le SIRP de la Bibliotheque dans la prestation des services d'aide aux comites parlementaires en ce qui a trait au budget des depenses, le DPB repond sans ambages que ses << ressources sont limitees >>.
The research reported here stems from one of 15 projects across Canada funded by the SIRP under the auspices of the National Health Research Development Programmes of the Federal Government of Canada.
It is collected by SIRP (Sustainable Investment Research Platform) at the Umea School of Business.
Minister Scullion said building on the success of the SIRP, the Coalition Government is now funding a new $30 million Capacity Building for Indigenous Rangers Strategy (CBIRS) through to 30 June 2020.
Though a departure from the federal government's preferred approach to PM, we suggest that the SIRP model may be better suited to an inward-facing function such as policy research.
En 2004, en reponse aux changements decrits dans le present article, la Bibliotheque du Parlement a demande et recu des sommes supplementaires pour embaucher trois analystes possedant des competences susceptibles de contribuer a renforcer le soutien que le SIRP fournit aux comites qui procedent a des etudes de programmes liees aux budgets.
Chancery's proven record of raising standards will continue with the SIRP project.
This is why SIRP is designed to help drought-hit smallholder farmers to improve access to markets and fertilizers and adopt climate-smart agricultural practices to boost productivity so that they can generate sufficient revenues to defray the costs of operating and maintaining irrigation schemes.
Lot 3 - SIRP type 49 (24 * 160) - with washer and nut: 528 pieces, SIRP type 60.