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SIRPASchool of International Relations and Public Affairs (Fudan University; China)
SIRPAService d'Informations et de Relations Publiques des Armées (French: Department of Information and Public Relations of the Armed Forces)
SIRPASíndrome de Insuficiencia Respiratoria Pulmonar Aguda (Spanish: Syndrome of Acute Pulmonary Respiratory Insufficiency)
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So far, SIRPA has demonstrated the massive cost benefits to individuals who have unsuccessfully tried numerous other treatments or have had to keep returning for treatment in order to 'manage' their conditions.
Following recovery on the SIRPA programme, individuals are able to either return to work if they have been absent or perform better due to the effect this work has on not only resolving ill health, but in improving wellbeing.
With SIRPA, Georgie is busy updating an existing CD as well as producing an e-book and a newsletter to spread the word about stress illness recovery.