SIRRSociety of Internet Rugby Referees (website)
SIRRSoftware Integration Readiness Review
SIRRStepped-Impedance Ring Resonator
SIRRSoftware Improvement Recommendation Report
SIRRSoftware Installation Results Record
SIRRSpecial Initiative for Residential-Led Regeneration (UK)
SIRRStation Island Railroad
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Dr Sirr told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "There's going to be a whole new cohort of people who will choose to rent for a long time, if not forever as happens in many other European countries.
Abu Hilal al-'Askari, Kitab al-Sina'atayn, 384; al-Khafji Sirr al-fasaha, 68.
To create a violin with the same characteristics as the 1704 instrument known as "Betts", Sirr worked with professional violin makers John Waddle and Steve Rossow of St.
In this age of fast food, short attention spans, and quick publishing, al-Mu'jam fi fiqh lughat al-Qur'an wa sirr baldghatihi (Encyclopedic Lexicon of the Vocabulary of the Qur'an and Secrets of its Rhetoric) is a monumental undertaking, destined to produce one of the most important reference works on the language of the Qur'an in recent history.
The publication of some isolated miniatures--specially those of the lost and incomplete Jahangirnama by Percy Brown and others, of the Diwan-i Hafiz by Stuart Carey Welch, and the album of detached miniatures of the astronomical manuscript (now correctly identified by Francis Richard as the Tarjama-i Sirr al-Makturn) by Karl Khandalavala and Jagdish Mittal--clearly pointed to the true wealth of the collection.
The task force developed SIRR, an acronym to show what Bryant means by character: self-management, integrity, responsibility, and respect for yourself and others.
The rest, as recorded by Abdullah (1993: 51-53) are (a) Ar-Risalat An-Naqshbandiyyah ("The Naqshbadiyyah epistle"), (b) Fath Ar-Rahman ("The conquest of the Most Merciful"), (c) Asrar As-Salah ("The secrets of the ritual prayer "), (d) At-Tuhfat As-Saylaniyyah ("The Ceylonese gift") (e) At-Tuhfat Ar-Rabbaniyyah ("The divine gift"), (f) At-Tuhfat Al-Labib ("The essential gift"), (g) Maktub ("The recorded [matters]"), (h) Al-Minhaj As-Saylaniyyah ("The Ceylonese method"), (i) Qurrat Al-'Ayn ("The essence of the eye"), (j) Sirr al-Asrar ("The secret of all secrets") and (k) Taj al-Asrar ("The crown of all secrets").
For an informative report on the new neighborhood clinics where healthcare and medicines are free and the emphasis is on preventative medicine, see a three part series by Rebecca Trotzky Sirr on the Upside Down World web site: http://upsidedownworld.
CANYON COUNTRY - In less than an hour, Brenda Wildermuth unravels the myths about teen sex for the dozens of 10th-graders in Sirr Guy Shakir's health class at Canyon High School.