SIRRAShiba Inu Rescue Resources of America (dogs)
SIRRASleep-Induction/Rapid Reawakening
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Critics of the move worry that jailed mara leaders like Viejo Lin and El Sirra will now have more trouble communicating with, and thus controlling, their active underlings.
Ayse Teyze'nin gulumsemesi kurtaricilara has bir gulumsemedir; bir sirra yalniz kendisi vakif olan, sirra vakif olmayanlari kendine tabi eden ve tebaasini yalniz kendisinin kurtarabilecegine inanan ve bu bilgelik, alcakgonulluluk ve anlayisla tebessum eden kurtaricinin gulumsemesidir bu.
"Sirra, it is my mount and has served me well before the walls of Antioch when I inspired the English army of the Crusade and in battle against dragons."
Feeney explains how Sirra Fein functioned during this time more as a popular front movement than as a political party and was gradually displaced by the IRA as the pre-eminent component of the republican movement.
The first buyback contract was employed on the small Sirra A oil field, developed by Total and Petronas, and has since been utilised to open up a number of discoveries of all sizes.
He referred to Entre Mares as "an enterprise that generates bread today and hunger to-morrow." Entre Mares is a subsidiary of Vancouver based Glamis Gold Ltd and extracts gold from 14,000 hectares (34,850 acres) in the Sirra valley, about 50 miles north of Tegucipalaga.
Sirra, you are one of those that will slaunder the poore wenches, by speaking liberally of their proneness to love; and withall, bragge how cheap you have bought their ware metaphorically, when indeede they depart as honest as they came thither, and leave you all the day after to sigh at an ill bargaine.
Sirra retire, or I will to your shame, With clamors rayse the house, and make your Maister For this attempt, returne you to the Dungion From whence you came (2513-21).
And are they good fellows, Sirra, do they love mirth & drinking, boy?
Junior Sirra Anderson, 17, said Jake inspires the team.