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SIRSSystemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
SIRSSystemes d'Information à Reference Spatiale (French information systems company)
SIRSSocial Issues Resources Series
SIRSSchool Improvement Research Series
SIRSStructured Interview of Reported Symptoms
SIRSSocial Issues Resource Series (SIRS Publishing, Inc.)
SIRSSwine Infertility and Respiratory Syndrome
SIRSSatellite Infrared Spectrometer
SIRSSoluble Immune Response Suppressor
SIRSSymposium for Intelligent Robotics Systems
SIRSSolar Infrared Radiation Station
SIRSSecurities Information Retrieval Service (Interactive Data Corporation)
SIRSSolar Infrared Station (meteorology: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility; US Department of Energy)
SIRSSeniors In Retirement
SIRSService Industry Research Systems Inc.
SIRSSalary Information Retrieval System (ORC Worldwide)
SIRSSatellite Interference Response System
SIRSSecondary Item Requirements System
SIRSSatellite Infrared Reception System
SIRSSafety Incident Reporting System
SIRSSatellite Infrared Scatterometer
SIRSStatistical Information Retrieval System
SIRSSheriff's Information And Reporting System
SIRSSelective Internal Radiation Spheres
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SIRS Researcher, SIRS Renaissance, and SIRS Discoverer Deluxe users can now view 2001 Spotlight of the Month topics and preview articles in upcoming Spotlight collections.
SIRS Intra-Day allows clients to improve the quality of their master files by incorporating automated content changes throughout the day.
According to Janeen Pelser, library media services manager for the School District of Palm Beach County, library media specialists throughout the district favored the purchase and renewal of SIRS databases.
According to the Library of Virginia, the decision to purchase SIRS databases was motivated by highly favorable feedback from a survey undertaken to assess library needs throughout the state.
SIRS NetSelect is available to existing SIRS Knowledge Source users.