SIRTASite Instrumental de Recherche par Télédétection Atmosphérique (French: Site Search by Instrumental Atmospheric Remote Sensing; Palaiseau, France)
SIRTAStampa Italiana Radio Televisione in Argentina (Italian: Italian Print, Radio and Television in Argentina; journalist organization)
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In the earlier petition, Abdulai Sirta noted that on December 11, 2015, he reported Patrick Ayaaba, who was his employee, to the police in Bole for stealing his heap of sand, a by-product of gold mining called 'over', worth GHS400,000 at his mining site at Tinga.
According to Abdulai Sirta, the petitioner, 'there is something fundamentally wrong with the processes of the high courts, which must be cleared to engender public confidence in the justice delivery system in the Northern Region in particular and the nation as a whole'.
Part of the air masses responsible for the HIW subsequently reached as far north as the SIRTA site near Paris, causing precipitation during the afternoon of 13 October (Fig.
Many major companies that specialise in technological services and solutions are participating in the UAE pavilion, which is being managed by the ministry, including the Sirta Electromechanical Maintenance Group, Emirates International Cables and Systems Company, IRLP International, Business Consultant and Jindal Su Gulf Limited that specialises in water management and treatment solutions.
KUWAIT, July 29 (KUNA) -- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on Wednesday condemned the terrorist blast that happened in Sirta, Bahrain, on Tuesday, killing and wounding a number of policemen who were performing their duties.
Bir sabah kalktiginizda kendinizi kendinde olmayan bir viyolonselciyle sirt sirta yatakta buldunuz.
Bu olguda, KBY ve uzun sureli diyabet olmasi, lezyonlarin ozellikle sirta yerlesmesi ve dermatolojik muayenedeki gorunumleri nedeniyle on tanida ilk olarak perforan follikulit dusunulmustur.
Yakinmasi olmayan ancak diyastolik, devamli, gec sistolik ufurumu olan veya ufurume ejeksiyon kliginin eslik ettigi veya ufurumu boyuna ya da sirta yayilan hastalara onerilir.
Similarly, CNRS is developing a data product for the M10 radiosonde that could allow for expansion of GRUAN to two French sites--the Site Instrumental de Recherche par Teledetection Atmospherique (SIRTA) observatory, Paris, France (Haeffelin et al.
Cogunlukla karin ust bolgesi veya gobek cevresine yerlesmis olan agri sirta veya karin alt kadranlarina yayilabilir.
Tenders are invited for Const of RCC Side drain Covered Nala, Near Opp UHBVN Office Sirta Road Mahadev Colony to Khanori Bye Pass Via Pawan Soap Factory, W.No.