SIRTOAStaten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority
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(48) Three heavy rail systems serve the New York City area: New York City Transit (NYCT), Staten Island Railway (SIRTOA), and the Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation (PATH).
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority ( MTA or Authority ) issues this Request for Proposal ( RFP ), on behalf of the New York City Transit Authority ( NYCTA ), Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit ( MaBSTOA ), Metropolitan Transit Authority Bus Company ( MTA Bus ) and Staten Island Railway Transit Authority ( SIRTOA ) which includes bargained active employees, retirees and their dependents from Transport Workers Union Local 100, ATU Local 1056, ATU Local 726, SSSA and TSO Local 106 (individually and collectively NYCT except where the context indicates otherwise) for a Health Benefits Program (Excludes Prescription Drugs).
The vendor shall (a) furnish and deliver to SIRTOA one (1) reserve General Electric ("GE") VH 34.5-1500-2L vacuum circuit breaker in accordance with the Scope of Work; (b) completely remanufacture four (4) existing GE VH 34.5-1500-2L vacuum circuit breakers in accordance with the Scope of Work; and (c) monitor installation of the breakers.