SIRUSpace Inertial Reference Unit (Northrop Grumman)
SIRUSocial Informatics Research Unit (Deptartment of Sociology, University of York, UK)
SIRUSocial Inclusion Research Unit (School of Health, Social Care and Sport and Exercise Sciences; Glyndwr University; Wales, UK)
SIRUSubtropical Insects Research Unit (USDA)
SIRUStaphylococcal Interspersed Repeat Unit (microbiology)
SIRUStellar Inertial Reference Unit
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Without my Sirus car, I simply could not continue my work at the university as there are no low floor buses or accessible taxis operating in my local area.
Simon Pearson, Sirus Automotive joint managing director, said: "Gwen and Brian are a delightful couple and we are so proud to have helped them retain independence and happiness.
Sirus Automotive is based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands and currently employs more than 70 people.
This is to celebrate the fact that Sirus has been awarded the internationally recognised Queens Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation.
Sirus Ahmadi, CEO of Conspiracy Entertainment, said, "We are very excited to start rolling 'Summer Athletics' across multiple platforms, including the PlayStation(R)2 system, to North American retailers.
Brick walls reaching the top of each column base have been built around the remnants of the pillars and the area in between has been filled with soft sand, Shush Cultural Heritage Center official Sirus Barfi said, adding they were then plastered over with a mixture of mud and straw to complete the protective covering.
convening a meeting for Sirus Exploration at the offices of Vizards Tweedie,
Chevrolet, Ford, GM Coachworks, Gowrings Mobility, Saab, Sirus Automotive and Vauxhall will all have adapted vehicles available to buy privately or though the Motability scheme.
The systems also use SIRUS contactors, overload breakers and low voltage switchgear.
Satellite Radio--One of the companies, Sirus or XM, is going to prevail.
Citing Sirus Naseri, a member of the Iranian delegation to the nuclear talks with the so-called EU3, the report said the agreement does not require Iran to abandon its program to enrich uranium.
4816 Sirus Lane, Charlotte, NC 28208; (704) 423-0042; Fax (704) 423-0081; www.