SIRVSpecial Investor's Resident Visa (Philippines)
SIRVSchweizerische Investor Relations Vereinigung (German: Swiss Investor Relations Association; Switzerland)
SIRVSaving, Investing and Returning Value
SIRVSpherically Invariant Random Vector
SIRVSafety & Inward Release Valve
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Standard clutter models of amplitude distribution, such as K and Weibull, are included in the class of Rayleigh mixture distributions which are related to the class of SIRV (spherically invariant random vector) distribution.
The first phase involves the award of the service of corrective maintenance, conservation and evolution of a large number of business applications, application services, web portals and decision support systems, which are part of the broader Regional Information System (SIRV), enjoyed not only the organizational structures of the regional contracting but also by hundreds of local authorities, businesses and citizens in the context of regional actions of egovernment.
Astra Vagoane is the nucleolus of a group of firms including Astra Vest, Sirv Titu, Marmura Bucharest, Tristar Bucharest, Arcons Security and Trend Invest Arad.