SIRyStaten Island Railway (New York)
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For example, Siry (2011) associated remarkable transformations in candidates' identities and practices with the support and practice of collaborative teaching and collective reflection focused on the complexities of teaching and future actions.
By presenting each man in chronological order of his death, Siry effectively clarifies the timeline of events--much more so than would a condensation of their lives into an overall history.
In Siry and Kremer's (2011) study, wonder was being collectively constructed through particular dialogue, with the following questions asked by the teacher throughout the children's exploration of rainbows:
Daryl Siry, "In Role as Kingmaker, the Energy Department Stifles Innovation," Wired, December 1, 2009.
But Siry, Tesla's marketing chief, is confident lithium technology is finally able to deliver what's needed, whether for hybrids, plug-ins or pure EVs.
29) Although critics disagree on the formative significance of this 'year abroad', Hans Frei and Joseph Siry offer convincing evidence of the impact made by French philosophy and design on Sullivan's thinking and style.
FRENCH student Sophie Siry made lots of friends when she worked for a Scottish council.
Philadelphia's Temple University built its stadium some eight miles north of the main campus, amid open fields in Mount Siry, some 20 years before homes were built.
Siry, Unity Temple: Frank Lloyd Wright and Architecture for Liberal Religion (Cambridge, 1996); Benny Kraut, "Reform Judaism and the Unitarian Challenge," in The American Jewish Experience, ed.
She also helped develop the site along with her father and people such as Marc Siry, a digital imager with seven years' experience responsible for the site's eye-catching 3-D art.
Tesla Motors former executive Darryl Siry published a report in Wired touching on how these particular loan programs actually prevented American Independent car companies from getting non-government funding and the new legal brief goes even further to underscore that report.