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SISALStreams and Iteration in a Single-Assignment Language
SISALStraight in Silent and Low (approach)
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Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus HK-37) on solid sisal waste fractions supplemented with cow dung manure.
With respect to the closed season of 2013, the highest abundance of Octopus maya organisms was presented in the port of Sisal, Yucatan.
The reason is that the aspect ratio of sisal fiber is lower than the one for flax (see Table 1).
Another feature of the new Sisal Matchpoint client is "Quickbet," a fixed selection of the most important games of the day, which gives customers the ability to deposit and wager in two steps.
This natural-fibers section had 14 area rug styles in sisal, jute, chenille, chenille/jute and wool/jute, and some had several colorways.
16] Suchada Tragoonwichian, Nantaya yanumet, hatsuo ishida, 2007, "Effect of fiber surface modification on the mechanical properties of sisal fiber reinforced benzoxazine/epoxy composites based on aliphatic diamine benzoxazine" Journal of Applied polymer science, 106, pp.
Natural-fiber carpeting choices include wool, sisal, jute, coir and sea grass, and backings can be made of either felt or jute.
With the exception of CDV-10 and sisal material, these flocks are random cut, very short fibers (typically averaging about 100 microns in length).
At MKDA, we typically use flooring, wall coverings and upholstery made from post-consumer recycled material; fabrics made from natural fibers including jute, sisal and silk; environmentally sound wood products; and even some oil-based products that have greatly improved production processes.
Mrs Williams, who runs the company on her own, produces the bags which are made from cotton and sisal, a type of fibre which is grown in the Ecuadorian rain forest.
The transitions are available in 30 Johnsonite ColorMatch[R] colors, as well as Tropical Storm, Cabernet, Silk, Sisal, and Espresso.
Lwarcel Celulose e Papel, a part of Lwart Group, is a local pulp mill that produces bleached pulp from eucalyptus and other special pulp (like sisal, abaca and other natural fibers) for domestic and international markets.