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SISALStreams and Iteration in a Single-Assignment Language
SISALStraight in Silent and Low (approach)
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The sisal reinforced fiber is tested by Universal Testing machine, Hardness testing machine, impact testing machine.
23) With Entasis, Miller challenges all three traditions: the sisal overrides the classical columnar shape, the modernist grid as its foundation, and the rigid forms of Minimalism.
Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus HK-37) on solid sisal waste fractions supplemented with cow dung manure.
With respect to the closed season of 2013, the highest abundance of Octopus maya organisms was presented in the port of Sisal, Yucatan.
O resultado da analise de agrupamento dos 17 residuos possibilitou a formacao de seis grupos, G1 (residuo de cervejaria, torta de girassol, torta de licuri e torta de mamona); G2 (torta de dende); G3 (bagaco de cana-deacucar, fruto do licuri, residuo de acerola, residuo de graviola, residuo de maracuja e residuo de uva); G4 (feno de sisal, mucilagem de sisal, raspa de mandioca e residuo de abacaxi), G5 (residuo de cacau) e G6 (torta de amendoim).
The reason is that the aspect ratio of sisal fiber is lower than the one for flax (see Table 1).
Here's a snapshot of what could be the future of sisal twine production in rural Kenya.
Sisal fiber comes from the leaves of the henequen plant, which is found primarily on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, where IH had a large sisal plantation.
The procedure was repeated for all the composites with varying sisal fibre length.
The handwoven sisal beret she used to top off the look was an old favourite from milliners Whiteley.