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SISALStreams and Iteration in a Single-Assignment Language
SISALStraight in Silent and Low (approach)
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She has reserved a half-acre of her land for growing sisal, which she harvests and processes at a regional centre, together with other members of the group."We are currently 30 members and we started the group with Sh200,000 capital.
La transparence a ce niveau- la rassure egalement sur le nouvel entrant qu'est Sisal. Une bien bonne maniere de sortir du lot et de se faire remarquer par rapport a la MDJS.
For the treatments, three areas were selected: one area with Caatinga vegetation (CA), another area with sisal in the traditional system cultivation (TSC) with plowing practice and harrowing, and a third area cultivated with sisal using the alternative system cultivation (ASC).
badionotus in Sisal, the spicules remained intact, with little fractioning (especially of the plates), and the proportion of different types of spicules were constant in the different samples.
A further factor in the decline was the nationalisation of sisal estates under the socialist policies of the country's post-independ- ence government.
Professor Godius Kahyarara, director general of the country's National Social Security Fund (NSSF), recently announced that his organisation had teamed up with Katani Ltd to revive the sisal industry in support of the country's industrialisation drive.
The effects of three combined chemical treatments, namely, mercerisation, silane treatment and acid hydrolysis, on sisal fibres are investigated in this paper.
Thermal Characteristics of Untreated Sisal Fibre/Epoxy Composites.
The name Sisal Sox was chosen, in nod to the twine factory which used sisal as a raw product.
Sisal fiber is the most interesting products as it has the lowest thermal conductivity and bulk density.
In the early 1970s, Miller began to work with sisal, an organic material she found readily available, inexpensive, and with an appealing softness and uniformity of color so that any color shifts in her work could be planned.