SISCASocieta Italiana Scienze Comportamentali Applicate (Italian: Italian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences)
SISCASeminole Indian Scouts Cemetery Association (Brackettville, TX)
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The students won first place in the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA).
Para o tratamento da psicose sao indicados os antipsicoticos representados pela clozapina, olanzapina, quetiapina, risperidona, ziprasidona e outros farmacos representantes da mesma classe (Sisca et al., 2009).
"It was for a brand called Sisca by Sibling," said Beth, who is hoping to study psychology at university.
(31) The sight of miners 'disabled by diseases inherent to that calling', deeply affected Ballarat doctor Natale Sisca. In 1888 he launched a campaign for pensions for 'worn out' miners.
Outra caverna, entre tantas na Eslovenia, tambem mostram os vestigios de um muro de protecao (a Sisca Jama).
of Applications & Contract Services at Gateway Analytical; Jim McGlone, president of ChemImage Corp.; PA Congressman Jason Altmir; David Exline, senior vice president at Gateway Analytical; Mike Hritz of state representative of Mike Turzai's office; Ashley Sisca, a representative of state senator Jane Orie's office; John Belechak, chief operating officer at ChemImage Corp., and Dr.
Ashton Rome, Matt Fornataro and Daniel Sisca took shots for Phoenix while both Josh Prudden and Oren Eizenman had chances for Fresno.
Survivors include his wife; a son, John, of Eugene; two daughters, Jeanne Rintell of Boston and Karen Sisca of West Linn; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Soaring bald shots of skyscrapers are chosen to illustrate Sisca's monotone; Sylvia talks while police kick and shackle protesters.
match facts FIFE 4 COVENTRY 1 1-0 Moyer (Paquet, Dingle) 7.26 PP 1-1 Tait (Venus) 8.03 2-1 Dingle (Finucci, Moyer) 30.09 3-1 Dingle (unassisted) 32.13 4-1 Thinel (Schaber, Sisca) Shots on goal: Fife 37 Coventry 32.
Match stats Scorers Storm: Derek Roehl 1+0, Vinny Scarsella 1+0, Mathew Sisca 0+1, Paul Swindlehurst 0+1, Patrik Valcak 0+1.