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carpet, and only once he has dozed into slumber does Jael slay Sisera.
Killing Sisera in his sleep was treacherous and unnecessary.
In fleeing the losing battle, Sisera entered the tent of Heber the Kenite, a member of a local group with which Jabin had struck a peace treaty.
The character that propels Jael's story in the Bible, her victim, the Philistine general Sisera, is missing from the composition entirely.
Consider the mother of the enemy general Sisera in Judges, waiting for her son to come home, but advised by her ladies-in-waiting that the boys are just being boys, each seizing a girl or two as battle plunder.
Erick Christianson applies the parallel method (showing how the biblical writers and the film directors used the same literary and interpretive devices, thus shining a present-day light on ancient texts) to the accounts in Judges 4-5 of the story of Jael's slaying of Sisera.
The Song clearly praises Yahweh, the Israelites, and Jael for defeating the Sisera and the Canaanite forces, but nearly everything else about it remains disputed, says Echols.
had the story of Jael and Sisera (Judges 4:21) in mind when they developed their "Woman of God" manicure set, but it's all we could think of when it came to "nail sharpening.
In spite of that, Adam is enlisted in Cranach's long sequence of pictures of imprudent lovers; added, because of Adam's uxoriousness, to Samson with Delilah, Holofernes with Judith, Sisera with Jael, and in a jocular series, old men with young whores.
20) The image of Jael killing Sisera was commonly represented in medieval and Renaissance graphic and decorative art.
There is only one passage in the Bible in which a male and female sang in unison, and this was when Deborah and Barak who may have been husband and wife sang together after Barak's victory over Sisera (Judges 5:1-31).