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SISISistema de Solicitudes de Información (a la Administración Pública Federal; Mexico)
SISIShort Increment Sensitivity Index
SISIStandards and Indicators for School Improvement
SISISports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
SISISmall Industries Service Institutes (India)
SISISpinal Injuries Survey Instrument
SISISoftware Implementation Stage of Integration
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The 'elections', whether presidential or for the fake parliament, are absurd ceremonies wherein the only people allowed to run are essentially Sisi's own supporters.
Sisi faced Moussa Mustafa Moussa who got less than three per cent of votes.
Sisi was sworn in Sunday after winning almost 97% of the vote .
Sisi's real problem is that even with the media cowed and the full resources of the state behind him, only 46pc of eligible Egyptians turned out to vote.
"I will not reject the demand," said Sisi, who is seen as a decisive figure that can ease political turmoil that has hit Egypt's economy hard.
The order to keep Abu Sisi in isolation was renewed for another six months on Nov 1, 2012.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Abu Sisi "is a Hamas man" and had provided valuable information, which the Israeli leader did not specify.
According to Reuters, Sisi himself was not present at the 150 person rally that took place in a north-eastern district of Cairo.
Summary: Former air force commander, Shafiq calls Sisi 'strongest candidate who has highest chances of winning presidency.'
"Yes, the matter has been decided and I have no choice but to respond to the call of the Egyptian people", Sisi told Kuwait's Al-Seyassah newspaper when asked if he had decided to contest the presidency.
PNN According to Waed Association for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners, the Palestinian inmates who were planning to postpone their hunger strike will now commence the strike, since the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has failed to follow through on ending Dirar Abu Sisi's solitary confinement.