SISIPService Income Security Insurance Plan (Canadian Forces)
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Disabled veterans--who are over age 65, condemned to a life of poverty after the cessation of their SISIP, ELB and LTD (long-term disability) payments, and limited to CPP disability benefits and their military pensions subject to the bridging claw back - will be most adversely affected.
I have just received information from ANAF Veterans in Canada that a class action is being undertaken on behalf of SISIP recipients whose payments are being reduced by the amount of VAC disability pensions.
I continue to press the government to resolve the unfair claw back of SISIP pensions for disabled veterans, better support for soldiers and veterans suffering from PT8D, full compensation and a public inquiry for victims of Agent Orange/defoliant spraying at CFB Gagetown and the extension of the home care (VIP) program for all widows and CF and RCMP veterans.
Prior to the New Veterans Charter, Canadians Forces members participated in a mandatory DND-implemented, long-term disability (income replacement) insurance program administered by SISIP Manulife.
However, they do go through a great deal of paperwork to provide SISIP Disability Insurance (operated through Manulife) and Canada Pension Plan applications for those soldiers so medically unfit to work.
If the soldier is too wounded as to be unemployable, he/she is forced out of the military and put on SISIP, the insurance plan paid into by all CF members, which pays a reduced salary of 75 per cent of the soldier's previous income.
The problem arose about thirty years ago when members of the forces injured on duty were brought into the plan administered by SISIP Financial Services, but the condition was imposed that they could not accumulate benefits by collecting Veterans Affairs benefits at the same time.