SISLSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Interrupt Steering Logic
SISLSiemens Information Systems Limited
SISLSun Industry Standards License (Sun Microsystems)
SISLSocial and Information Sciences Laboratory (California Institute of Technology)
SISLSecure Integration Simulation Laboratory
SISLStructured Investment Solutions Limited (green investment group)
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But the expected density of drone flights created an entirely new level of complexity for the SISL team.
SISL = surface irrigation soil loss from a field (Mg [ha.
An evaluation of SISL using data from six production fields near Kimberly, Idaho, along with previously published furrow irrigation erosion data from Kimberly, Idaho, and Prosser, Washington, showed that the model predicted the relative effects of conservation practices rather well, but absolute differences between measured and predicted values were often large (Bjorneberg et al.
According to Dr Vinay Vaidya, Vice President, SISL, "In the current business scenario, critical information such as financial data stored in the ERP system is the lifeline of any business.
In the process, SISL has earned the distinction of becoming the first South East Asian Company and only one of the eight companies worldwide to receive SAP certification for a network security product on Microsoft Windows platform.
In the seven-page Instruction to Bid document, SISL detailed a ten-point scope of works which included everything from a bulk chemical storage area to external works and landscaping.
In accordance with its contract with the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC), SISL is required to design and build a water recycling facility adjacent to the existing Beetham Waste Water Treatment Plant (BWWTP), together with the associated pipelines and water storage facilitie.
Through this agreement, SISL will distribute and perform systems integration for the full range of VocalTec's solutions including international and long distance calling, voice VPN, calling card and exchange carrier.
VocalTec will provide backline support to SISL as well as training to keep SISL abreast of VocalTec's latest and emerging technologies.
AcceleRAID 200 must be used in a system that supports SISL.
AcceleRAID 250 can utilize SISL technology or can be used as a low-cost single channel RAID controller in any system.
The AcceleRAID 250 can utilize the SISL technology of these motherboards or can be used as a low-cost single channel RAID controller in any system.