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SISMIServizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Militare (Italian Defense Secret Service)
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In return for the payment of US$227 million (NT$7 billion), he disposed of 200,000 barrels of radioactive waste, whose final resting place must be the ocean near Taiwan, according to SISMI.
Osama Mustafa Hassan, an imam better known as Abu Omar, was snatched from a Milan street on February 17, 2003, in an operation coordinated by the CIA and SISMI.
The directors of SISMI and SISDE have operational control
Behind the scheme were three individuals connected with SISMI--Rocco Martino, a former Italian secret agent turned freelance intelligence peddler; Colonel Antonio Nucera, a recently retired deputy chief of SISMI's counter-proliferation division; and a woman codenamed "La Signora," a longtime SISMI asset working as a secretary at the Niger embassy in Rome--who came together sometime in 1999 or 2000.
Nicolo Pollari of SISMI had said Martino was working for French intelligence as the time (on a freelance basis) and that this could be behind Britain's claim that a "separate intelligence agency" was the source of the Niger document.
The issue of the Niger yellowcake uranium precursor had been a point of controversy since late 2001, when the Italian secret service, SISMI, reported to their American, British and Israeli counterparts that they had obtained documents on Niger government letterhead indicating that Iraq had attempted to purchase 500 tons of yellowcake.
to profitable account in The Spike, and Sterling was promulgating her Network, Ledeen, another high roller of the Reagan years, was commissioned by SISMI, Italian military intelligence, to do some papers on international terrorism [see "Beat the Devil," July 6/13].
17, 2003, in an operation coordinated by the CIA and Italy's SISMI military intelligence.
While living in Italy in the 1970s, he was a political historian, a correspondent for The New Republic, and a consultant to SISMI on terrorism issues.
Italy's secret service SISMI learned that a former Iraqi army colonel had told a suspected al-Qaeda cell in Madrid to strike, said Il Messagero newspaper.
But the explosive aspect of events unfolding in Rome has been the increasing evidence that during the long months of his incarceration, Agca was coached by agents of the highly politicized and rightist SISMI, the military branch of Italian intelligence.