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SISPStrategic Information Systems Plan
SISPSingle Integrated Space Picture
SISPSatellite Internet Service Provider
SISPSelf Injurious Skin Picking
SISPShanghai Institute of Space Power Sources (China)
SISPSoutheastern Internet Service Providers
SISPSherwood Island State Park (Westport, CT)
SISPStudent Internet Service Providings (Fonejacker program; E4 channel; UK and Ireland)
SISPSpecialized Instructional Support Personnel (education)
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Announced May 28, 2015 that no third-party bids were received from the SISP and that the Company will become bankrupt upon the conclusion of the Stay Period.
After almost two decades as the dentist at SISP, I've noticed offenders are influenced most by the behaviors they see repeatedly.
The above-presented issues lead us to definition of SISP as a continuous learning process, encompassing the IS/IT strategy formulation and implementation activities, in which various internal and external (environmental) stakeholders tightly cooperate to assure maximum utilization of IT to achieve sustainable economic success of the enterprise.
The SISP will provide a procedure by which RS will solicit third party interest from persons or entities with respect to a sale of some or all of its assets or an equity investment with a restructuring of RS's outstanding indebtedness.
This paper reports a study into the relationship between the organizational context of the SISP project, the configuration of the SISP process and the success of the SISP.
Station #1 was chosen because it is situated in a high-traffic area for pedestrians, near the main gate of SISP.
Three senior officials from Louis Berger Group (LBG) attended the historic event including their President Larry Walker, Chairman of the Board Fred Berger and SISP Chief-of-Party, Dave Little.
The SISP is being undertaken under the supervision of FTI Consulting Canada ULC, the Court-appointed Monitor in the CCAA proceedings.
The LP Entities engaged RBC Capital Markets to conduct a comprehensive SISP within the restructuring proceeding to canvass the market for superior offers for the LP Entities' business than the one put forth in the AA Agreement and the Senior Lenders' Plan.
The SISP provides the Company with a means of restructuring the Company's finances to a level more appropriate to the optimal run rate established for the Rice Lake gold deposit over the past year.
The senior secured lenders are fully supportive of the AHC Bid and have agreed to extend the SISP to July 30, 2010 in order to allow sufficient time for the AHC Bid transaction to be completed.