SISRSingle Image Super Resolution
SISRSemantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition
SISRSociété Internationale de Sociologie des Religions (French: International Society for the Sociology of Religion)
SISRSingle Input Signature Register
SISRSuperannuation Industry Supervision Regulation (Australia)
SISRSan Isabel Scout Ranch (Colorado)
SISRSwinburne Institute for Social Research (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
SISRSpeaker-Independent Speech Recognition System (software)
SISRSelected Item Status Report
SISRSociety for Interdisciplinary Studies Review (Journal of the SIS)
SISRSignals Intelligence Security Regulations
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However, this scheme is unsuitable for solving SISR problem, except for the time consuming during training phrase, also because there is only one-scale image patches in the training data; thus it cannot introduce high frequency in the SR result and adopt the Wiener filter solution leading to damaging the fine details.
We propose a SISR method which trains GMM on the training data constructed by concatenating the different scales of the input image and can introduce the correct high-frequency component and protect the details in the HR result.
We first explain the notations appearing in our SISR scheme with the help of Figure 2.
2 reveal that all the other publication forms, such as workshop proceedings, publications of local university press and SISR Proceedings accounted for the most number of historical contributions only in the last two decades especially because SISR started its scientific activities on a large scale in this period.
Second, an institutional setting of the historians' community occurred only when the establishment of the SISR took place.
Since its foundation, SISR promoted in a strong way the 'cultural appeal' of accounting history around the departments of the Italian universities and created some favourable conditions to the development of the study.
In fact, the SISR was born under the aegis of the Comite International des Historiens de la Comptabilite (Belgium), the Institut Francais des Historiens Comptables (France), the Accounting History Society (U.
The SISR has influenced the development of accounting history research through its biannual congresses and its sponsorship of several national and international accounting history conferences and workshops, fostering AHR within the broader Italian accounting research agenda.
These simple translations could also form the basis for more advanced machine translation of one language to another, in which grammars constrain the source language and the corresponding words and SISR instructions determine the corresponding words and phrases in the target language.
Now that SISR is a W3C standard, vendors should support SISR in addition to their own proprietary languages.
AIANH Intern/Young Architect Design Competition: First place, Brian Murphy and Alyssa Murphy of New Castle; second place, to Nathan Stolarz of TMS Architects, Portsmouth; third place, Christina O'Brien, SISR Architecture, Marlow.