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Jo quite glowed with pleasure at this boyish praise of her sister, and stored it up to repeat to Meg.
It had not become that definite, and her mind had only alighted upon the person of John Hardy because he was at hand and unlike his sisters had not been un- friendly to her.
Antonia seemed to like it; she held her little sister by the hand and chattered away in that language which seemed to me spoken so much more rapidly than mine.
Cora betrayed a disposition to support her sister, and the sacred song proceeded, after the indispensable preliminaries of the pitchpipe, and the tune had been duly attended to by the methodical David.
Margaret, the other sister, was a good-humored, well-disposed girl; but as she had already imbibed a good deal of Marianne's romance, without having much of her sense, she did not, at thirteen, bid fair to equal her sisters at a more advanced period of life.
In your place, Magdalen, I should have thought twice before I mimicked my sister to an audience of strangers.
They were dressed alike, but this sister wore her dress with a more youthful air than the other; and perhaps had a trifle more frill, or tucker, or brooch, or bracelet, or some little thing of that kind, which made her look more lively.
By this time, my sister was quite desperate, so she pounced on Joe, and, taking him by the two whiskers, knocked his head for a little while against the wall behind him: while I sat in the corner, looking guiltily on.
Surely, Lord," she said; "but men do not wed their sisters, and I have heard that it was because this Nada was your sister that you saved her from Dingaan, and brought the wrath of Dingaan upon the People of the Axe, the wrath that shall destroy them.
Then she went to prepare herself for the marriage, and begged that her sister Dinarzade should be sent for to speak to her.
Darcy, I am sure," said Miss Bingley; "and I am inclined to think that you would not wish to see YOUR sister make such an exhibition.
Her affections seemed centered in the members of her own family; nor had she ever given Julia the least reason to believe she preferred her to her own sister, notwithstanding that sister was married, and beyond the years of romance.
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