SITACSwedish Institute for Technical Approval in Construction
SITACSite Acquisition
SITACSpectral Imagery Technology Applications Center
SITACSpectral Information Technology Applications Center (Fairfax, VA; US DoD)
SITACStudent Information Technology Advisory Committee (various schools)
SITACSyndicat Intercommunal des Transports Urbains de l'Agglomération du Calaisis (French: Municipal Urban Transportation Agglomeration Union of Calais; Calais, France)
SITACSociété d'Ingénierie pour les Techniques de l'Aménagement et de la Construction (French: Engineering Company for Planning and Construction Technology)
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The public service contract for the management and operation of passenger transport network named "IMAG~IN" organized by the SITAC, is likely to be concluded in the form of a public service delegation (PSD) if the legislative body decides,- To date, the network is operated under a public service delegation to an average amount of 11,570,000 euros HT, value January 2015.
The SITAC, recently established in Senate Bill 676 by the Florida Legislature with the support of the Governor was created to advise the Legislature on the best allocation of Florida's transportation dollars to improve freight efficiency.