SITAMSistema Integrato Tariffario Area Milanese (Italian: Milanese Integrated Area Tariff System; Milan, Italy)
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Sitam); National Public Health Laboratory, Sungai Buloh, Malaysia (K.
(29) "Nimium etiam dissipiunt qui in rebus ipsis felicitatem hominis sitam esse existimant." Erasmus, (ed.
In eo enim sitam vitae felicitatem putant." I have replaced Adams's translation of the first sentence.
In her poems Miliauskaite seems to choose home for herself: "apsigyvenkim / sitam vienkiemy / prasau per sapna" (let's stay / on this farm / I ask You in my dream; UP, 37); "noretum gyventi / senam name / su storom sienom ir placiom palangem" (you would prefer living in an old house / with thick walls and broad windowsills; 49); "netgi tau / nebus niekada lemta praverti / varteliu, izengt i zaliuojanti kiema, i soda, kur plaikstos, / ir kvepia balti skalbiniai" (even for you / it won't be possible to open / the gates, pass through a green yard, to an orchard, where white linens flutter in the wind / and smell sweet; NN, 14).
tasya samdidihe buddhir muhuh sitam niriksya tu / amnayanam ayogena vidyam prasithilam iva // 5.13.36 As he examined Sita closely, Hanuman's mind was once more afflicted with uncertainty; for she seemed barely discernible, like some vedic text once learned by heart but now nearly lost through lack of recitation.
Melodious renditions of Kaifi's songs and ghazals were presented by singer Jaswinder Singh - from well-known film versions such as Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam ( Kaagaz Ke Phool ), Jhuki jhuki si nazar ( Arth ) and Kar chale hum fida jaan-o-tan saathiyon ( Haqeeqat ) and Heer ( Heer Ranjha ) to Itna to zindagi mein kisiki khalal pade and his women empowering Aurat .
"Kiya Howa Dil Pay Sitam" of Raat Ka Rahi and "Mera Dil Chana Kuch Da Khidona" of Mukhara can never be forgotten, he said and added that Zubaida khanum in her short span of eight years in music industry had left indelible imprints on minds of music lovers.
Ruhani Yusof, [1] Md Atique Ahmed, [1] Jenarun Jelip, Hie Ung Ngian, Sahlawati Mustakim, Hani Mat Hussin, Mun Yik Fong, Rohela Mahmud, Frankie Anak Thomas Sitam, J.
sa[sa]nam ksaudrajam catha ye[eka]tra drahapacitam II 5 sitam grahyam tatoddhrtya puspavasam tatah param I astamsaih suddhajavadim devya [vaih] bhojanirmita II 6 (35) The [Ja]vadi Made by Bhoja: