SITBCSheep in the Big City (TV show)
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SITBC will represent top developers from Spain having different attractive and beautiful properties comparatively cheaper than others' properties in many terms.
Fransisco Martinez, managing director of a group of companies, said the idea and innovation of SITBC will strengthen the Qatar-Spain business relationship and pave the way of new emerging business opportunities not only in Qatar but in the entire Middle East.
He said his companies have already entered into agreements with SITBC and a lot much alliance with SITBC will be made a reality with the passage of time.
SITBC has gained huge experience in the investment field, especially in markets that deliver a high return on investment.
Apart from its Headquarters in Doha (Qatar), the SITBC is also present in Spain through its branches in Madrid, Almeria and Cadiz in order to provide business consultancy services to all Spanish companies who wish to become members of the Business Centre.