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The current project proposes Sitcen to have now a coordinating role of the secret services in the EU.
Attached directly to the high representative, the European Union Situation Centre (SitCen) provides intelligence, analysis and warning capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It would in particular consist of reinforcements for the dozen-odd experts already in place from the Council (DG E 8 - Defence -, DG E 9 - Civilian crisis management -, Sitcen - Situation Centre) and the Commission (DG External Relations and EuropAid).
On ne sait pas non plus ou sera le centre de situation (Sitcen) ; actuellement le renseignement civil et militaire est integre au Secretaire general.
The EU's intelligence coordination unit SitCen (Joint Situation Centre), based in the Council of Ministers in Brussels, "is not an operational equivalent of the CIA," he said.
Asked by British Independent MEP Roger Helmer if he would use information got by torture to stop a terrorist attack, he answered "no", adding "I have been tortured under a dictatorship before so I know what it means".aThe EU intelligence unit SitCen, which falls under Mr Solana's control, "receives no raw material from the member states" but only gets "assessed information", he said.
He said the EU Council of Ministers' intelligence analysis unit, SitCen, had not processed any information that could shed light on the claims.
It wants to sound out ministers on whether a standing committee on internal security should be set up to coordinate the activities of Europol, Eurojust, the EU Border Management Agency and Council-based intelligence unit SitCen. The apparently-moribund EU Constitution provides a solid legal basis for setting up this committee but with the constitutional treaty's fate increasingly precarious, the Austrians seem to favour an ad hoc solution.
The EU police office Europol has handled 21 cases on Islamic-inspired terrorism, while the Council-based intelligence unit SitCen has drafted two dozen terrorism reports in the past year, he said.
* Report on support provided by member states to SitCen, the recently-established, Council-based intelligence unit.
There was also a difference of views as to whether the Situation Centre (SITCEN), which provides analysis on crisis situations, from the Council Secretariat should be included.
The problems with the Constitution will not, however, hinder development of the Council-based Situation Centre (SitCen) unit, which has started to assess the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe.