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Most o' aw, rating 'em as so much Power, and reg'latin 'em as if they was figures in a soom, or machines: wi'out loves and likens, wi'out memories and inclinations, wi'out souls to weary and souls to hope - when aw goes quiet, draggin on wi' 'em as if they'd nowt o' th' kind, and when aw goes onquiet, reproachin 'em for their want o' sitch humanly feelins in their dealins wi' yo - this will never do 't, sir, till God's work is onmade.'
He's sitch a friend o' the family, Sammy, that wen he's avay from us, he can't be comfortable unless he has somethin' to remember us by.'
'Well, I never see sitch an old ghost in all my born days,' exclaimed Sam, rubbing the old gentleman's back, hard enough to set him on fire with the friction.
"And wishing," pursued Joe, with another fixed look at me, like another effort of remembrance, "that the state of Miss Havisham's elth were sitch as would have - allowed, were it, Pip?"
Remarkable often found occasions, in after days, to recount the minutiae of that celebrated operation; and when she arrived at this point she commonly proceeded as follows:” And then the doctor tuck out of the pocket book a long thing, like a knitting-needle, with a button fastened to the end on't; and then he pushed it into the wound and then the young man looked awful; and then I thought I should have swaned away—I felt in sitch a dispu’t taking; and then the doctor had run it right through his shoulder, and shoved the bullet out on tother side; and so Dr.
Sitch noted that at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, Korea Telecom was quite vocal in expressing uncertainty regarding the 5G business case.
Here's my sitch. Some of my best buds want me to work out with them, like, with soccer and jogging and basketball and even, like, PUSH-UPS!
Hawks will be without Jamie Hunter, James Craig, Ricky Munday and Dave Millard but are boosted by the return of flanker Mark Sitch who will lead the side.
Preindustrial concentrations of ground-level ozone typically ranged between 15 and 30 parts per billion (ppb), says Stephen Sitch, an ecologist at the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Wallingford, England.
The exhibition opens tonight with music from some of Mark's subjects, including Creepy Crawlies, Whiskey Headshot, Bexy Sitch and Candie Payne, left.
They end up in one "gnarly sitch" after another in this breathless adventure, which is full of action, swooping flights and fierce fights--a sure bet for the movies, along the lines of the X-Men.
Ally Maclay, Matt Smith and Marc Sitch, right, also went over while Mike Adamson slotted pinpoint goals.