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SITESchool of Information Technology and Engineering (University of Ottawa)
SITESociety for Information Technology and Teacher Education
SITESociety of Incentive Travel Executives
SITESuperfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (US EPA)
SITESearch for International Terrorist Entities (Washington, DC)
SITESculpture in the Environment (architecture group; New York, NY)
SITESatellite Instructional Television Experiment (Indian Space Research Organisation)
SITEStandard Income Tax on Employees (South Africa)
SITEStockholm Institute of Transition Economics and East European Economies
SITESociety for Information Technology Education (now ACM Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education)
SITEStrategic Information Technology Effectiveness
SITESociety of International Travel Executives
SITESystems Integration, Test & Evaluation
SITESind Industrial Trading Estate (Pakistan)
SITESushree Institute of Technical Education
SITESensor Integrated Test Environment
SITEStormwater Innovative Technology Evaluators
SITESystems Integration Testing Environment
SITEShipboard Information - Training & Education
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8e6's R3000 software, a filter that can sit at the district site, filters all Internet traffic and allows schools to chose which categories of sites to block, such as hate sites and child pornography, on campus and off campus.
For information about the science of blindness, visit the Web site of the American Foundation for the Blind: www.
Half of the 12 residents wanted a kinder, gentler site, with minimal graphics and verbiage.
How will potential job candidates find your Web site and the content designed for them?
The Web sites listed below are grouped according to the type of sponsor for the site.
Making an online community/mailing list part of your Web site outreach strategy.
The hosts in the primary site continue working without interruption through the iSCSI switch to the remote storage systems even though the primary storage systems are off-line.
For instance, when accessing an Internet Web site to order a book or other item, the Web site may display the current price of that item or the number of items currently in stock.
Sites should prominently display a page or section of the site where incorrect information is corrected or clarified.
Agencies interested in registering a domain name or seeking Web site hosting arrangements can review a list of companies qualified to register domain names and provide Web site registration services within the ICANN Web site.
YOUR WEB SITE WILL HAVE A GREATER IMPACT if it focuses on your clients' needs and interests instead of aggressively telling them how wonderful you are.