SITEMPSituation Template
SITEMPSiemens Tempest (Siemens AG)
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Once deployed we published orders mandating that the subordinate units report priority information in a standard format that we could easily ingest into the LOE SITEMPs. The subordinate units disliked having to produce through a BCT-driven format, and we compromised in places to make the process efficient, but in the end they appreciated the value of having their analysis reflected in the higher echelon's products.
Create a SITEMP of the threat or intelligence problem and identify the most likely time/place to see the threat or activity.
* A SITEMP of how the threat will react to the operation with two COAs.
You and your section will be responsible for producing many products during your tenure as an S2, and arguably the SITEMP is the most important.
Create and maintain a macro level SITEMP of your AO.
Comprehension of threat groups will supplement enemy COAs, provide meat to SITEMPs, and allow you to effectively communicate the threat to your commander.
Major operations require COA statements and SITEMPS of the AO that your unit will operate in.
Although highly successful, the transmission of enemy SITEMP and NAI overlays resulted in some minor confusion.
In essence, leaders at all levels had near instantaneous access to situation templates (SITEMPS), spot reports (SPOTREPs), and analyst assessments across the BCT footprint.
The scenario allowed the analysts to employ the intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) functionality of the DCGS-A, develop enemy SITEMPs, and correlate data using the DCGS-A.
During this period, the brigade successfully sent multiple enemy situation messages, graphics including NAI overlays and enemy SITEMPs to multiple ABCS platforms.