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SITFStay in the Fight
SITFSpringers in the Field (magazine)
SITFSocial Investment Task Force
SITFSignal Transfer Function (infrared testing)
SITFSlap in the Face
SITFShot in the Foot
SITFStaten Island Task Force (NYPD)
SITFSpit in the Fridge (band)
SITFSystem Integration Test Facility
SITFSystem Intensity Transfer Function
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The SITF indicated that it would not issue indictments or unseal its files until there is a court that is dedicated to hearing the cases.
Esto es resultado del Cuarto Convenio Regional de Apoyo Comercial, firmado en esta ciudad por empresarios de Durango, Chihuahua y Zacatecas, que los incorpora como proveedores del SITF.
This new product was introduced to the public at the beginning of the SITF and we have been promoting it in the Ultimate Home cup games, he said.
He further stated that SITF would follow-up on the cases with the relevant departments and agencies within a fixed time-frame and added that a third programme would be organised in Sepang, Selangor, next month.